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Clean Master Exterior Services (CMES) Comprehensive Warranty Documentation

Paver Sealing Warranty


CMES offers up to a three-year warranty on paver sealing services for clients who choose the high-density ratio sealant option. This warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials, such as cracking, peeling, chipping, flaking, or discoloration.

Maintenance Requirement:

This warranty is contingent upon completing maintenance services by CMES every 10 to 15 months from the initial service date. Failure to adhere to this maintenance schedule will void the warranty, emphasizing the necessity of regular upkeep to maintain the sealant's effectiveness and the aesthetic quality of the pavers.

Detailed Exclusions:

Efflorescence: This warranty does not cover efflorescence, a natural occurrence where a white haze appears on the surface due to lime or water-soluble calcium oxide rising after saturation. It is a common characteristic of cement-based products and does not impact the structural integrity of the pavers.

Deterioration/Degradation: Environmental factors such as traffic volume, UV exposure, and climate conditions that contribute to the visible wear or aggregate showing through the paver are not covered. These are considered natural wear and tear.

Living Organisms: The presence of ants, insects, weeds, and mold is not fully preventable by sealing. While our process reduces their occurrence, complete eradication is not guaranteed due to their resilience and ability to adapt.

Stains: Some stains may be too deep or persistent for complete removal without replacing the affected pavers. Our warranty does not guarantee the elimination of all stains.

Joint Sand Loss: Loss of joint sand due to environmental or natural factors, such as erosion or settling, is expected over time and is not covered by this warranty.

Pavers Turning White & Milky: Moisture retention beneath the pavers causing a white or milky appearance is not covered. This issue typically arises from inadequate drainage, or pavers installed over concrete, requiring proper drainage to resolve.

Stripping of Pavers: Projects that involve stripping previous sealants are not covered under this warranty. The variability in the condition of existing sealant and its removal cannot be guaranteed.

Visual Aspects: Variability in sheen, shine, and color depth due to paver porosity is not guaranteed. These aesthetic attributes can significantly vary even among pavers in the same installation.

Surface Slipperiness: The increased slipperiness of the surface post-sealing is a known possibility and not covered under this warranty. We offer solutions to mitigate this risk upon request.

Tire Marks: The warranty does not cover tire marks on sealed surfaces, as they are often caused by the compounds in tires reacting under specific conditions.

Roof Cleaning Warranty


A two-year warranty is provided for roof cleaning services, ensuring the roof remains free from significant buildup that is visible from the street or could lead to HOA notifications, under normal conditions.


Specific Roof Types: White tile and metal roofs are excluded from this warranty due to their propensity for quicker organism regrowth, which is not effectively controlled through standard cleaning methods.

Additional Services & Upcharge Policy:

Roofs requiring beyond standard cleaning efforts due to excessive buildup not apparent in satellite imagery assessments may incur up to a 30% upcharge. This accounts for the additional labor, materials, and time required to achieve the desired level of cleanliness.

By selecting CMES for your paver sealing and roof cleaning needs, you are choosing a dedicated partner committed to maintaining the beauty and integrity of your property. Our detailed warranty and maintenance programs are structured to ensure your satisfaction with our services, backed by clear terms and proactive customer support.

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